Blue Raspberry

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The sweet, bright taste of the rarest of berries will leave you anything but blue.


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Snowflakes Candy is made with two ingredients: xylitol made from responsibly-sourced birch bark and natural flavor. Whether you reach for fruit, mint, or spice, each flavor is free of sugar, dyes, or unnecessary ingredients of any kind.

Snowflakes Candy. Pure sweetness from the land of ice and SNØ™.

Xylitol is an FDA approved all-natural sweetener. Our xylitol is made in the USA.
Snowflakes Candy contain no sugar, fat, gluten, GMOs, soy, dairy, hardeners, fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors.

  • Diabetic friendly
  • Safe for women who are pregnant or nursing
  • 40% fewer calories & 75% fewer carbs than sugared candy
  • Non GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten-Free, Keto Certified, Certified Vegan, Certified Paleo Friendly, Kosher

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5 reviews for Blue Raspberry

  1. Jenn

    I can’t have any regular sugar – snowflakes candy satisfies my sweet tooth. I buy all the fruit flavors. They all have a very nice fruity taste. I absolutely LOVE this candy!

  2. Mina Pellizzari

    I love, love, love the blue raspberry and cinnamon snowflakes. They totally satisfy my sweet tooth!:) Thanks sooooo much for your product!:)

  3. Mina Pellizzari

    I love the snowflake candy!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the blue raspberry, and cinnamon:) Thankyou for this product. Going to start sharing more w/my friends so they can enjoy as well!:)

  4. Pamela

    I bought these for my 12 year old granddaughter, to support her dental hygiene routine, esp. at night when she might want to suck on something if she has a throat tickle or cough. Se loves this flavor !!

  5. Joelle Moreno

    These are just the right amount of sweet